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PVC Floor Contrast To Other Floors2

- May 03, 2018 -

Flax floor and PVC floor are also completely different, flax floor is a kind of elastic wood, its components are: linseed oil, limestone, cork, wood powder, natural resin, jute. Natural environmental protection is the most prominent feature of flax floor, and has good resistance to cigarette butts. Its disadvantages are porous surface, no dirt resistance, difficult installation, low temperature and so on. Flax is mainly made of coiled materials and is a single homogenous structure.

The antistatic floor is also called the dissipative electrostatic floor. When the floor is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge can be dissipated with resistance of 1. 0x105-109 Omega is characterized. There are a wide variety of anti static floors, including anti static ceramic tiles, three anti static and anti static floor, all steel antistatic floor, composite anti static floor, aluminum alloy anti static floor, imitation imported wood antistatic floor, PVC anti static floor, calcium sulfate anti static floor, etc., which belong to the category of PVC floor is the static control Electric PVC floor.

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