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How To Choose PVC Floor

- May 03, 2018 -

Look at the environmental protection

For enhanced wood flooring, the most important standard of floor environmental protection is formaldehyde emission. On the limits of formaldehyde emission standards, the environmental protection of the flooring industry has gone through three technological revolutions of E1, E0 and FCF. In the earlier stage, the formaldehyde release standard of the panel is E2 grade (formaldehyde release amount < 30mg/100g). The formaldehyde release limit is very loose. Even if it is in accordance with this standard, the formaldehyde content may be more than three times more than that of the E1 grade board, seriously endangering the health of the human body, so it can not be used for family decoration and decoration. . Thus, for the first time in the environmental revolution, in the environmental revolution, the flooring industry launched a E1 level environmental protection standard, that is, formaldehyde emission is less than 1. Although 5 /L does not pose a threat to human body, there are still many free formaldehyde in the floor. Last year, the flooring industry started another second environmental revolution, launched the E0 level environmental standards, so that the floor formaldehyde emissions dropped to 0. 5 /L.

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