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The method of identifying the PVC floor

- May 03, 2018 -

First, look at whether the PVC floor belongs to the exclusive store sale.

Is there a certificate of authorization, a certificate of international quality certification and China's environmental marking product certificate, and an authoritative certificate issued by the state functional department, and whether there is a test report (some untrue inspection reports are untrue, supervision and inspection or daily inspection reports), or not. If not, it may be the PVC floor with low quality and inferior quality.

Point two, look at the data and Atlas of the PVC floor.

Those rude words, rough contents, wearable eighteen thousand kilo turn and so on are misleading propaganda, which is made by non-standard manufacturers.

Point three, see whether the manufacturer or marketing agency has a standard retail price, whether it belongs to the random price product, if it belongs to this situation, it is not possible to be the brand PVC floor.

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